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The RARE CRE Guide™ is a custom report that delivers the most data and analysis for any multifamily or commercial real estate transaction, in a condensed and easy to read format. 


The RARE CRE Guide™ comprises both a Capital Guide and Valuation Guide, and is used by commercial real estate owners and investors who are considering financing or exiting their asset(s).  

Tell us about a potential sale or financing of a property that you may be considering, and we’ll customize one for you. Valuable insight with no strings attached!

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       I'd like to explore all available financing options available in the current market that are compatible with my investment strategy.

Your complimentary RARE CRE Capital Guide will include:

Suggested optimal capital structure and loan sizing

Insight on compatible financing programs in the market

Overview of the most compatible types of capital providers

Considerations that may negatively impact 'financeability'

Deal & borrower qualification grading

A market-ready deal summary for your financing request

Request a RARE CRE Capital Guide 

       I'm considering a disposition in the near future and I'd like to know what my asset would likely sell for in the current market.

Your complimentary RARE CRE Valuation Guide will include:

Sale price sensitivity analysis

Market cap rate survey

Recent sales comparables

Submarket data and variance analysis

Investment highlights for prospective buyer audience

Investment analysis (featuring proforma ROI/IRR)

Request a RARE CRE Valuation Guide