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To Be the Premier 'One-stop' Investment and Capital Services Provider to the Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur

Our Mission

About Our Company

RARE CRE is a fully-integrated advisory firm focused on providing tailored real estate investment sales and capital solutions to commercial real estate entrepreneurs. 


Our clients vary in capacity, experience, and scope. Yet they all share an entrepreneurial spirit and choose to work with RARE CRE's team of like-minded and skilled advisors who can provide institutional, creative, and high-touch services they won't find at larger brokerage firms.


We are based in South Florida and have advised a prominent roster of real estate investors and developers in and out of state, on the execution of their acquisitions, developments, and dispositions, as well as on structuring and arranging debt and equity financing for their projects. 

We are not your average commercial real estate service provider.

RARE CRE was started by its founders when they recognized a need in the market for investment and capital services that are institutional grade, boutique in nature, and tailored to commercial real estate entrepreneurs

Why institutional grade? Our production and execution abilities are parallel with the top national brokerage firms in the industry.

Why boutique in nature? We deliver personalized solutions, honest advice, and  white-glove service that is unmatched by many of our larger competitors.

Why tailored to commercial real estate entrepreneurs? Our company’s culture revolves around ‘thinking like an owner’. Our principals have gained extensive experience working in real estate private equity, investment banking, real estate development, as well as founding real estate and technology companies of their own. This affords us broad industry knowledge, together with a unique, entrepreneurial perspective. 

Our Clients Are:

- Middle Market Investors

- Value Creators

- Outside the Box Thinkers

They Typically Comprise:

  • Investment Managers

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Individual Value-add Investors

  • Family Offices

RARE Advantage

The 'RARE' Advantage

Our Value Proposition

We promote a culture of 'thinking like an owner'. That's why we excel at working with real estate entrepreneurs, and why we're often considered an integral extension of our client’s team, rather than a third-party service provider. 


Entrepreneurial Mindset and Principal-to-Principal Approach

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so our clients appreciate our ability to step into their shoes and think like an owner to solve their unique challenges, maximize their probability of success, and safeguard their interests at all times.

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Problem Solving Attitude

We anticipate and avert issues that are commonly encountered in transactions, rather than reacting to them. When unexpected problems do arise, we don’t present them to our clients without a practical solution in hand.

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Research Driven Foresight to Stay Ahead of Economic and Industry Trends

Our team places a heavy emphasis on market research and data analysis.

Our client’s success is our success; therefore we extend our market insight to them to assist their investment decisions.


Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Brokerage Platform

Our principals’ backgrounds in real estate private equity, development, banking, and technology provide an experienced yet differentiated perspective which tends to be more aligned with that of our clients. 


Unafraid to Tell The Truth; Even If Our Client Might Be Wrong

We always have our client’s best interests at heart. Our sense of integrity, local market knowledge, and depth of experience allows us to evaluate every deal objectively, and provide honest insight, even when it’s not what our client may want to hear.


Deep Understanding of the “Asset”

We know that we have to understand our client’s product ("real estate") as well as they do.


From how it’s built and how it operates, to how it’s expected to perform and may be priced in subsequent market cycles.


A True Boutique

Our team is small, nimble, and specialized. This allows us to deliver the highest quality service, together with personalized solutions, that are unmatched by many of our larger competitors.


We Leverage Technology to Keep Our Clients Ahead

We don’t just say it, we do it. Having started multiple companies of their own, including technology ventures, our principals understand innovation at its core.


In an age where business evolves more rapidly than you can keep up with, you want an advisor by your side that can help keep you ahead of the curve.

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